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Ruins Special Edition available only this week

October 11, 2011

I’ve been really surprised (and thrilled) by the response to Ruins since I released it about 3 weeks ago. It was written about by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Popmatters, Boing-Boing, PCGamer, IndieGamesChannel, and Nightmare Mode, as well as some really nice posts by game developers I greatly respect: Robert Yang and Bredon Clay. I wasn’t expecting this response, but I’d like to take the current when it serves and submit this game to the Independent Games Festival for 2012, the deadline for which is October 17th.

I can’t currently afford the $95 entry fee to the IGF, so in an attempt to raise that amount (Update: Thanks for your support! I have enough for the entry fee now!) I’m offering a “special edition” of Ruins. The special edition includes audio commentary, a folder of flowcharts & text files that comprise the full text of the game, and a few pieces of music I wrote for the game but didn’t end up including in the release, all packaged on a USB thumb drive. For a bit extra, I’ll also include a small, handmade painting based on the imagery in the game.

The special edition will only be available through the end of the week: Friday, October 14th. All done — thanks for your support!