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A House in California

Download: Windows | Mac | Linux | Source

Or play the game in your browser at Kongregate.

‘A House in California’ is a surreal, narrative game about four characters who bring a house to life. These four characters are based on relatives of mine (two grandmothers and two great-grandmothers). The game is inspired aesthetically by Mystery House, developed in 1980 by Roberta & Ken Williams. But whereas Mystery House is a mystery story about greed and murder, A House in California is more like an Imagist poem about family and memory. A House in California was a finalist for the Nuovo award in the 2011 Independent Games Festival. Kickstarter named the game their “Best Small Project of 2010.” Previously, it was featured in the Learn to Play exhibition at Euphrat Museum of Art and exhibited at the Meaningful Play conference at Michigan State University in Fall of 2010.

This game is available for free and was also sold in a limited-edition hardcopy run of 50, which is now sold out. Thank you so much to supporters who bought the game in presale or otherwise supported the project on Kickstarter!